Handpiece Kits


We have a wide variety of U.S. manufactured handpiece kits to match your dentistry tool needs.

  • Our Starter Kit includes low speed handpieces and attachments that are manufactured in the U.S. and designed to provide optimal, cost-effective solutions for you.
  • Our Classic Kit includes all of the dentistry tools in the Starter Kit plus a TorqueMaster TM5, 1:1 Contra Sheath, Classic Latch Head, and Carrying Case.
  • Our Master Kit includes most of the dentistry tools in the Classic Kit plus upgrades to the Master Swivel Lynx Lube-Free Motor, the Ball-Bearing Spring Latch Head, Quick-Disconnect Coupler, and Carrying Case.

When it comes to stocking your office with dental tools look no further than Handpiece Kits (Dentistry Tools) by MTI Dental, based in Coatesville, PA. We provide the highest quality dentistry tools. Order today.