Recommendations for Safe and Effective Cleaning and Maintenance of Dental Handpieces During the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by MTI Dental on Mar 20th 2020

Recommendations for Safe and Effective Cleaning and Maintenance of Dental Handpieces During the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Valued Customers,

COVID-19 (also known as SARS-CoV-2, 2019-nCoV, and “Novel Coronavirus”) has profoundly affected the daily lives of people across the globe. In recent weeks, COVID-19 has unexpectedly ingrained itself into the constant and persistent thoughts of American citizens and Medical Professionals alike. As such, MTI Dental has adapted its operations and processes to be as flexible and resilient as possible, while not only maintaining stringent manufacturing and product safety guidelines, but also increasing such measures to ensure the utmost quality and safety standards for both staff and customers.

From the moment COVID-19 jumped from its first U.S. city to its second, the Leadership Team recognized the need to enhance existing meticulous and longstanding safety standards, in the event the situation became more widespread.

Dental Professionals are most susceptible to potential exposure to spreading of COVID-19, especially Hygienists and Dentists.

MTI Dental fully supports the ADA in recommending that all non-emergency (non-essential) dental procedures be rescheduled until further notice. If your practice is still scheduling patients during this vulnerable time, PLEASE AUTOCLAVE YOUR HANDPIECES BETWEEN EACH AND EVERY PATIENT. Alcohol wipes do not provide nearly as effective a sanitization result as an autoclave and will do nothing to kill the infectious contagions within the handpiece. The simple practice of sterilization has never been so critical in preventing and spreading contagions.

Surfaces used to store or temporarily place handpieces, tools, and/or accessories should be cleaned immediately between patients. Reports from the CDC indicate that COVID-19 can stay viable in the air in the form of micro-droplets for up to 3 hours.

COVID-19 can also remain viable on most surfaces for 3 hours or more, most notably:

  • Up to 4 Hours on Copper
  • Up to 24 Hours on Cardboard
  • Up to 3 Days on Plastics and Stainless Steel

Additional information about MTI Dental products can be referenced on the website (, and is available even if team members are not available to immediately answer calls or emails.

The goal during this crisis, is to assist the global community in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 through ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for team members, while also providing uninterrupted service to customers, group practices, and distributor partners.

In this effort, MTI Dental has committed to the following modifications to Operations:

  • Additional Hygiene-Focused Policies Have Been Activated
  • How Team Members Transition Between Shifts Have Been Modified
  • Social Distancing Policies
  • Flexible Policies Related to Additional Time Off
  • Ability for Team Members to Work Remotely
  • Increased Cleanings for Office and Manufacturing Facilities

Consistent and dependable service is incredibly important to MTI Dental and its clients, however, accountability and responsibility to the health of team members supersedes all else. MTI Dental is aware that many of its customers may have critical dental procedures that cannot be postponed, and is dedicated to doing its part in supporting dental practices with the necessary handpieces, tools, and accessories to perform those procedures.

Like many other American businesses, MTI Dental is settling into the “new normal,” but is steadfast in its resolve to provide customers with the products and service necessary to get through this crisis.

Thank you for all you do to keep your patients and your communities safe. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.


Peter Miranda, Vice President

MTI Dental Products

“Be pragmatic and stay positive.”