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Disposable Prophy AirLite Cups

MTI Dental's Disposable Prophy AirLite Angles are designed for consistent and smooth operation, and feature a flared reinforced ribbed design for reduced splatter and durability. Engineered for less noise and vibration, each cup is individually wrapped and lubricated to quick and simple to use operation. MTI Dental utilizes state-of-the-art latex-free materials for an optimal patient experience during hygenic dental procedures.

  • Box Contains 100 Disposable Prophy AirLite Cups
  • Designed for MTI Dental's Prophy AirLite Polisher
  • Latex-Free Materials
  • Flared Design for Reduced Splatter
  • Ribbed Design for Durability
  • Optimized Beveled Gear Design
  • Engineered for Less Noise & Vibration
  • 90° Prophy Angle Shape
  • Tip Style: Ribbed & Webbed
  • Tip Type: Cup


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